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This site is dedicated to bring health, happiness, joy and passion to those who walk this path

Massage means interaction. Whenever we touch the body, changes occur both physically as well as emotionally, the entire body and all the senses will respond.

SushiMassage offers a discrete, confidential, with finesse, oriented to the male public and dedicates to the sensual and tantric massage in visits to hotels. Those who experiment the magic of a sensual massage don't get disappointed. The energy can be enormous and the sensations incredible.

At the end of each session you will feel relaxed and energized, completely satisfied and in peace with yourself and with the world.

All the tantric massages are made professionally by naked therapists, in an environment with sensual music in a hot room with candles, lights and incense with the objective to make you relax and enjoy your senses.

Close your eyes, dream, fantasize... leave the real world and join a trip full of sensuality

*Please remember that this isn't a sexual service and if that's what you look for you can find it in another place, not here.


  • Sensual / Tantric Massage - 60 minutes massage. 150€
  • Erotic Massage - 90 minutes massage. 180€
  • Body Massage - 90 minutes massage. 200€
  • Blind Massage - 90 minutes massage. 240€
  • Shower Massage - 2 hour massage. 300€
  • Sushi Massage - 2 hours massage. 350€
  • Four Hands Experience - 2 hours massage. 450€

*This values do not include travel expenses.

*To each period of 30 minutes added to any of the massages, a 50 € amount will be charged.

Schedule and terms

We work from Monday to Sunday from 09h to 03h with visits to hotels, in which the visits are very discrete. We take the music, oil, candles and incense.

We ask all our clients, that they don't come under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to be polite and to have the payment ready

Legal Warning

This website is intended exclusively to persons with an age over 18. Its authors are not to be liable for your decision to use this website.

SushiMassage is related with body massages and not related to prostitution or illegal activities.

The fees charged are concerned uniquely and exclusively to the massage services done.

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Location: Lisbon - Cascais - Porto

Telephone number: +351 91 482 37 92

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